You have the idea.
We have the skills to make it a reality.

Whether you have a commercial or residential project in mind, an outbuilding or carpentry job, we can fulfill most briefs.


At On Point, outbuildings are our speciality, but that’s not to say we can’t take on the broadest range of carpentry jobs, big and small. Whether you have a residential project and are looking for anything from a staircase handrail repair to the design and installation of solid wood flooring, we will be happy to take on your job. We can advise, design and implement extensions to your home too, and even help with conversions or the complete fabrication of a new build.  

See examples of our carpentry here

Commercial Projects

As well as building for a range of residential projects, we’re very comfortable with the demands of a commercial job too. 

We understand that while your business is out of action for building work to be done, that’s potential revenue being lost. 

That’s why we work with speed and efficiency on every aspect of our build to make sure you experience as little down time as possible

See examples of our commercial projects here.

Eco Houses

An eco house is a building – usually a new build – that uses ecological building practices and materials in order to reduce its impact on the carbon footprint. 

This could mean using materials that are better for insulating, reducing heat and energy loss, or adding energy sources to your home, like solar panels. 

At On Point Outbuildings, wherever possible, we work within the guidelines of an eco project, promoting sustainable materials wherever it’s appropriate. 

See examples of our eco houses here.

All Groundwork.

The key to a successful outbuilding project is making sure quality is adhered to from the foundations up.

It’s essential that you find a reputable groundwork company to initiate your project, but of course, we can handle the groundwork for you.

Typically, this involves clearing the site and laying a foundation, but if needed, we can also arrange the installation of drainage and other pipework.